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Breakthrough the crowd and get views on your TikTok. TikTok is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and connect with future customers. According to TikTok’s stats, “81% of users use TikTok to discover new products and brands.” Are you ready to grow your business's reach?

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919 Socials provides a wide range of services to serve each client by using video strategies based on their goals and industry. I look forward to helping you find your brand’s unique voice and bring motion into your brand through the services offered below.

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TikTok Management

+ TikTok Management

+ TikTok Strategy

+ Monthly Content Calendar

+ Weekly Storyboards for 7 Post Per Week

+ Video Edits

+ 3 hours of Community Engagement Per Week: responding, answering messages, outbound engagement, sending booking links

+ Caption Copywriting in Brand Voice

+ 30min Monthly Phone Call

+ Monthly Analytics Presentation

Add Ons:

+ Onsite TikTok Shoot(s)

+ Daily Community Engagement

Instagram Reels Management

Not ready to start a TikTok? No worries, you can take it slow and focus on Instagram Reels.

+ Instagram Reels Management

+ Instagram Reels Strategy

+ Monthly Content Calendar

+ Weekly Storyboards for 3 Post Per Week

+ Video Edits

+ Caption Copywriting in Brand Voice

+ 30min Monthly Phone Call

+ Monthly Analytics Presentation

Add Ons:

+ Onsite Reel Shoot(s)

+ Community Engagement

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Community Engagement

You don't have the time to engage, entertain, and build new relationships on TikTok while running your business... 919 Socials is here to help!

+ Daily TikTok Engagement

+ Reply to Comments, Messages, & Inquiries

+ Seek Out Target Audience & Develop Relationships

+ Maintaining Customer 1:1 Interactions

Video Services

Looking for a one-time video. You may need a professional advertisement/commercial for paid media. Whether it is for TikTok or another platform, 919 Socials got you.

+ Script/Storyboard

+ 4k Sony A7sii Camera

+ Video Editing

+ 2 Led Lights & 1 Ring Light

+ 16x9 or 9:16

Add Ons:

+ Social Cutdowns

+ Extra Operator

+ Paid Talent Management

+ Extra Equipment

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1:1 Consulting

Not ready to commit to a package? These calls are for you! I have a true passion for helping others and seeing businesses flourish. In these 1:1 consulting calls, you will receive:

+ 1 Hour Zoom Call

+ Open and natural conversation about your business and YOUR needs.

+ I will answer any and all questions pertaining to your business & how you can succeed moving forward.

(These calls are NOT structured, strict, or intimidating. This is an open-ended conversation for you to receive all the tips, tricks, advice, and strategies I can give you!)

The Process

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Free Discovery Call

Book your 30 minute Discovery Call where we dive deeper into what you need, discuss goals, and the process.

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After our Discovery Call, if it is a good fit to work together, I will send over a custom proposal that features your tailored options.

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After an in-depth questionnaire, I will create your custom strategy. Before our official start, we’ll get together for a video chat to discuss expectations, set goals, and receive clarity around the process.

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Let's Get Creating!

The process is highly collaborative - I expect my clients to trust the process, be available for requests and opportunities, and be willing to step out of their comfort zones!


Why TikTok?

TikToks are personal, so small businesses can build relationships with viewers/customers.

Small businesses are easily discoverable on TikTok, the main tool on the app is a search bar. If you are a restaurant in Raleigh, there's no doubt someone is on the app searching for restaurants in Raleigh.

Can I use the videos on other platforms?

Yes! The videos we create can be utilized however you like outside of TikTok. There will be a shared Google Drive with your unwatermarked videos to export. I suggest posting them on Instagram Reels as well.

What are the prices for each package?

Since every package is fully customizable to your needs, the pricing varies; however, here is a list of the starting prices for each package.

  • Management starts at $1,500/month
  • Community Engagement starts at $500/month
  • 1:1 Consultations is $45/hr
  • Video Services start at $1500/flat fee

To ensure the best results, the management packages are a 3+ month contract.

What if I don't have a TikTok account?

No worries! I will work with you to create one. Starting from scratch might even make the TikTok algorithm work in your favor!

Can I customize the packages?

Of course! During the discovery call, let me know which package you would like and how you would like to customize it.

How much time will it take?

Onboarding takes around two weeks. As for the creative process, we will work on a weekly schedule to stay up-to-date with trends. Here is what a monthly plan will look like...

Week 1: Storyboard, Filming+Editing, Scheule Posts.

Week 2: Week 1 Posts Go live, Storyboard, Filming+Editing, Scheule Week 2 Posts.

Week 3: Week 2 Post Go Live, Storyboard, Filming+Editing, Scheule Week 3 Posts.

Week 4: Week 3 Post Go Live, Storyboard, Filming+Editing, Scheule Week 4 Posts.

Hey, I'm Jazmin!

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Your TikTok’s new bestie!

I am the CEO & Founder of 919 Socials, a Marketing Agency founded based on my passion & love of TikTok and helping businesses achieve the TikTok presence and engagement they’ve dreamed of. I love TikTok so much that I was one of the first people on the app when it first launched (yes, I am talking about pre-covid days, haha), and I am still faithfully using the application to this day.

Before branching off on my own, I worked at an advertising agency providing social media services for Verizon, Honda/Acura, Sysco, and more.

You can find me running through life with my toy poodle (dragging me) in one hand and my camera in the other.

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